About Us

dprints is a lifestyle brand that focuses on original artwork spanning from limited edition prints, art wallpapers, art carpets and art products.

Art and design are at our core. We aspire to bring more variety of art products into China market and become known as a homegrown brand.

Through collaboration with artists, designers and our very own design team, we explore different themes and co-create with artists around the world for each collection.

Our Values
Joy Through different usage of colors and its application and composition, we introduce bold and accent pieces for each interior, bringing an unique visual experience to the audience. As we are working with artists from around the world we will help bring the latest colour trends into the China market.

Flourish Through our experiences at our art consultancy business, we see the value of working together on a project and flourishing together. At dprints, we provide another type of platform for artists, designers and artisans to carry out their potential.

Co-creation The synergy of working together and the mentality of ‘WE’ and not ‘ME’ is much richer and rewarding. 

Possibility  We are happy to create products that are both functional and artistic where there are constant exploration of possibilities through art.

Craftsmanship From inspiration to production, dprints care deeply for every detail. We believe in a continuous process of meticulous re-evaluations in order to achieve beautiful product, presenting high quality products to the market.