Untitled Geometric - yellow

Niels de Jong
Niels de Jong is an illustrator from The Netherlands. The heterogeneous geometric creations of Niels open portals into exciting new lands of adventure, full of boundless possibilities and the potential for self-discovery, reflecting the wide-eyed curiosity of young children. 

Greet the strange character who simultaneously emerges from and encompasses fabulous structural landscapes. Niels sees that  people’s paths often take unexpected turns and, in turn, encourages us to make unforeseen connections.

Each print is printed on Hahnemuhle archival paper for best preservation results(the DIY model is printed on Italian Cartiera Magnani paper), providing vivid colours and excellent contrast. Framing is prepared by CAFA IPM Lab. For any customized requirements, please feel free to contact us on info@dprints.cn
Niels de Jong